These short songs of praise lift our thought and our emotions higher - toward God in the Heavens.  This book is all HEART: revealing God's heart while calling the human heart that much closer.  The instruction, prayers, prophesies, and narratives mirror our experiences and help our SOULS to be more spirit than flesh.


Growing in the Glory of God

Why is the ocean blue?  Why are leaves green?  Why do birds sing?  Why did Jesus die a criminal's death? One simple reason: because God wanted it that way.  He exists, creates, and loves ... for Himself (Isaiah 46:9-10).  This life is not about me; it's all about Him! God wants the glory and will … Continue reading Growing in the Glory of God

New A-Z Bible Study

This is a fresh, ready-to-use Bible study series.  With over 25 topical- & word-studies including: Baptism  *  Crowns  *  Demons *  Eternal Security  *  Fasting *  Idolatry Joy  *  Marriage  *  Revival *  Temptation  *  Uncertainties  *  Worship The PDF includes both a teacher's guide and a fill-in-the-blanks student guide. Here is the JPG file … Continue reading New A-Z Bible Study

Let Us Praise

Life is full of praise... Parents praising children, Grandparents praising grandchildren, Men praising automobiles, Women praising outfits and meals, a painter’s masterpiece, a conductor’s symphony, a chef’s meal, an architect’s building... Praise is a release of inner joy and excitement (Psalm 39:1-3).