Hope from the Scriptures – 2 Timothy 3:16

Hopelessness is everywhere. Experts predict that depression will be the second-leading reason to see a physician by 2020. It is spreading like a virus... what can we do? The answer is the Word of God (2 Timothy 316). The Bible not only contains hope - but it is hope! It is powerful, it is profitable, it is purposed and comes with a promise...

What does the Bible say about psychology?

by Dr. John Lapp Many years ago I was presented with a drawing that depicted a pastor or counselor sitting at his desk, probably contemplating what he should say.  The counselor was facing the artist rendering of Christ, whose back was facing the viewer.  Christ, the Divine Counselor (that, by the way, was the title … Continue reading What does the Bible say about psychology?

Are You Worried about the Future?

What does the future hold for my family and me? If you are like me, you think about this quite often.  The reports you hear about the economy aren’t encouraging. The price of oil seems to continue upward meaning higher gas prices. Everything costs more now and my income stays the same. Will that trend … Continue reading Are You Worried about the Future?