Getting to the Point

There are a lot of things to debate and dissect in the Christian life today. There are multiple denominations, Bible versions and doctrines. Everyone from scholars and theologians to new Christians have different views and interpretations of Scripture.


Church Covenant

Having been brought by God’s grace to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, we now, depending upon the Holy Spirit, joyfully establish this covenant with one another: In all we do, we will aim to glorify and enjoy the God of our salvation, giving Him the preeminence in all things...

Don’t GO to Church – BE the Church

by Patrick Nix Click Here to Listen That’s right - a Pastor is encouraging you to stop going to church;  I really mean it!  STOP!  We’ve all become accustomed to simply going to church - as if church is a place.  It’s not!  Many of us have special uniforms (church clothes) that we don only … Continue reading Don’t GO to Church – BE the Church