Remembering the One Who Will Never Forget

Herein is true faith. We must trust that God will continue to do what He has promised even when we are unable to be aware of it. We must realize that we might not always remember the One who will never forget. God has promised to keep on remembering us.


Finding Joy in Pain

We search incessantly for the reasons behind the tragedy... we ask “WHY?” This might give joy, might not. Knowing the reason is NOT ‘Finding Joy.' Joy is not just a fact, it is a person. Phil 4:7 promises the peace that passes understanding ... beyond facts, knowledge, and reason!


This 'book of tears' has been called the funeral of a city (Jerusalem).  Every chapter is weeping from A-Z (Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters).  Jeremiah was called to remain back and minister God's love for His people in the midst of chastening.  Whatever you do - don't miss chapter 3... it's the key to the … Continue reading Lamentations


The weeping prophet gives us a glimpse in to the heartbreak of God as he watches his nation suffer the damaging consequences of sinful rebellion.  Jeremiah is a book of interrogations (many questions from God to man), of restoration (there IS hope!), of persecutions (Jeremiah suffered personally), and of illustrations (numerous object-lesson-style sermons).