Anything Worth Doing

The other day I saw a car with a magnetic advertising sign on the back. It listed the company name and the agent’s name and phone number. The thing that caught my attention was the slogan: “Anything worth doing is worth doing rite.”


Rose-Colored Glasses

Many people come to church hoping to find a magic cure: “do this, this and that and presto – the gutters of the world will be a distant memory.” The glorious truth is they are closer to a cure than they realize. I believe addiction is the result of a conscious or unconscious attempt to deal...

My Name Is…

It has always been said that how you are PERCEIVED is how you are eventually RECEIVED. What does that mean you ask? Simply put, if someone thinks you are a mean person, they will treat you like a mean person. If someone thinks you to be positive and fun, more than likely you will have quite a few more friends than someone who isn’t.