A Godly Mother

John 20:20-23 records when Salome (mother of James and John) approached Jesus on behalf of her two sons. She is often the brunt of preachers' scorn, but she was not rebuked by Christ. In fact, we see Salome as a godly example of what a mother should be throughout the gospels. She was a worshiper. She interceeded for her children. She took her dreams and expectations to the Lord. She hoped in the Lord. She was desirous to plant her sons into the kingdom. In Mark 15, you find her at Calvary, when most other followers had fled, as a faithful disciple. And in Mark 16:1, she was counted worthy to be a witness to God's power.

Break Out the China

Not long ago, I read a touching true story about a woman who passed away. She left her daughter a haunting legacy of “special occasions” that never came to pass. Crystal goblets bought but untouched, Irish linen looked at but unused, a blue silk dress with the tags still attached, and fine china. I was … Continue reading Break Out the China