Grace, Down Under

Romans 6:14-15 - *Notice the use of the word "under" Proverbs 30:5   *Every word of God has purpose – “God breathed” none of it is filler “Under” whether its:  Under the weather & under the circumstances…we’re always living under something Past: Under the Law – Grace gives a New Motive Romans 3:10-19 Before grace…Unrighteousness, ignorant, … Continue reading Grace, Down Under

How Sweet the Sound

What is Grace? Common definition- “unmerited, undeserved favor” “that which brings delight & pleasure”  - anything that makes God smile Grace is in an unusual category of N/V words-(both nouns & verbs) Love, Joy, Hope, and Faith – both a ‘thing’ and something you ‘do’ Sweeter than the sound of SIN * Where sin abounded-there … Continue reading How Sweet the Sound