I call this book the 'Graphic Novel' because it's stories are so raw & gritty! It was a time of Anarchy - no leadership & no law (17:6; 18:1; 19:1; 21:25); and of Idolatry - compromise brought condemnation (3:6-7) Check out the summary of the entire book: 2:11-23



This is a book of victory - examples to the believer of how to possess God's inheritance and conquer the enemy. Theme: Christian's faith & God's faithfulness (23:14; 24:15) Our faith rests on the faithfulness of God's promises (1:5-9 - Faith in God's presence & promise removes fear.)


This book isn't about numbers at all!  It's about the consequence of sin. Named from 2 census' (roughly 600,000 men/soldiers). Ends where it starts - at the door of the promised land... will they go in?  The trip that should have taken 11 days had taken 40 years of wandering the in wilderness of regret … Continue reading Numbers