4 Signs Your Leadership Isn’t Working

There are ALWAYS warning signs. It hardly ever comes as a complete surprise. Team members begin backing away. Meetings lose energy and focus. Complaints rise. Morale falls. Then one day it becomes painfully clear – something isn’t working. Here are 4 warning signs that your leadership isn’t working…


Bio — David Wagner

The World From My Perspective God graciously allowed be to be saved at the age of five. I went forward in a service at Highland Park Baptist Church, and Dr. Lee Roberson came down from the pulpit to talk to me. My parents had already laid a foundation in my heart, and I was ready … Continue reading Bio — David Wagner

Are You Pro-Marriage?

As the World, the Flesh, & the Devil continue to bombard their attack against the family, the Church needs to up its support for families and for marriage.  Show who's side you're on... Host a Vow-Renewal Ceremony and provide a reception for guests afterward, taking time to share about the real meaning of 'covenant.'  Preach … Continue reading Are You Pro-Marriage?