Enjoying Your Money

Once there was a man in an art gallery picking up & carrying around various paintings. He pretended to be somebody - many of the guests even thought he was an artist or an art dealer. Yet when closing time came, he could not carry the paintings out the door... You and I might look or act like 'owners' but when this life is over, it is certain that we will leave it all here. You can't take it with you!


Do You Want What You Have?

Not long ago, I heard ‘lust’ defined as wanting something else, someone else, or somewhere else. If that’s true, then I must confess to lusting quite a bit. I find my heart discontented with what I have and I've got a feeling that I'm not alone.

As Lotto Jackpot Rises, Morality Declines

$640 million - the largest jackpot in history! I have a theory that the rise in lottery jackpots is simply a sign of our morality in decline. Most do not find issue with the lottery - after all, who ever got hurt by spending a buck or two here and there, right? I'd like to challenge your thinking with these words of God: