The Incarnation of God

Incarnation: means 'in the flesh' (refers to when God put on human flesh and became Man) The Son of God became a man so that men could become the sons of God. The Truth of the Incarnation If you read John 1, you will see that John begins with some big-time, major claims about who … Continue reading The Incarnation of God


Is ‘Legalism’ a Bad Word?

This article deals with the fact that God's law (from Moses to Christ) is good and that its continued presence in church and culture is right, not wrong. The simple truth is that far too many Americans desire a life without any laws or rules at all - and this has bled over into the church!

Love: a Fruit of the Spirit

The word 'love' conjures up so man different things today. A modern dictionary lists 28 various uses for the word: tender affection, warm attachment, intimate passion, strong predication, & amorous benevolence. Yet not of these are complete to define / describe what the Bible speaks of as a fruit of the Spirit. Three words for love are used in the Bible: eros (sensual attraction/passion), phileo (brotherly kindness), and agape (God-like love).