REST: The Ultimate Surge Protector

Before getting into full time Christian ministry, I worked part time at an electronics store selling computers, TVs, and other nifty gadgets. I was “programmed” to always recommend and stress the importance of surge protectors to go along with the customer’s purchase. Being the good boy I am, howbeit reluctantly, I gave the speech and sent many people home with a device that I was convinced was a total WASTE! I maintained that mindset for the next couple years until the unthinkable happened — POWER SURGE!


Good, Better, Best

Article by Kim Porta For the most part, I've always been a do-gooder. By my very nature, I'm a take charge kind of gal. In the past, whenever I'd see a need and thought I could meet it, I'd often be the first in line to volunteer my help. As a Christian, I know and feel … Continue reading Good, Better, Best