Patriotism Pt.2 – My Responsibility as a Citizen

Christians are not exempt from being good citizens. The Bible commands us to obey those who God has placed in authority over us. We are not to play God, but are to act godly. As a citizen you and I have been entrusted with protecting the freedom that we enjoy in America.


Guiding Principles for Christian Voters

Democrats and Republicans alike have gone hog-wild with big government. Americans really do need less - fewer taxes, fewer laws, fewer government agencies. Less is more. It will hurt us in the long run to have universal health care. We need to open the social security system up to private investing. (Think about it: Can I do any worse than what the government does managing my money?) Don’t buy into the rhetoric that we need another law or more funding. If you agree, just remember that less federal- and state-government will require more self-government of neighborhoods & communities.