Head-First or Heart-First?

How do you solve problems and resolve conflict... with your head or heart? Personally, I don't like it when others come at me feelings-first because I feel so ill-equipped. I usually charge head-first into issues, but that generally doesn't bode well with the softer sex (if you know what I mean). When a conversation or confrontation starts with, "I feel" - I must admit I feel quite lost. It's like I've started a trip without knowing where point A is: as if I have no reference point. Not that I am justifying myself, but part of me just rebels against the idea of submitting to somebody else's perspective as my authority.

What does the Bible say about psychology?

by Dr. John Lapp Many years ago I was presented with a drawing that depicted a pastor or counselor sitting at his desk, probably contemplating what he should say.  The counselor was facing the artist rendering of Christ, whose back was facing the viewer.  Christ, the Divine Counselor (that, by the way, was the title … Continue reading What does the Bible say about psychology?