1. INVITE - people want to be wanted, they need to be needed, they long to belong 2. INFORM - guests have questions: common interests? next steps? expectations? 3. INCLUDE - real friendships blossom based on interests, experiences, needs, hobbies, etc. 4. INVOLVE - studying the Bible and serving others together (true discipleship) At a … Continue reading Hospitality-101


Mobile Church Site

Did you know...? - over 4.6 million smart phones are sold each day this year - over 75% of the world's population owns a cell phone - over 85% of phones have access to the internet (traffic is quadrupling each year) - within 5 years, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the primary way to surf the web Does … Continue reading Mobile Church Site

Raise the Standard!

Many churches define their rules as 'standards.' Some standards are given a higher ranking than others and are labeled 'convictions' while others which carry less weight are 'preferences.'  Different churches, attempting to determine what is important based on the Bible, asserts these standards upon the congregation.  Some churches even create defining boundaries of fellowship and … Continue reading Raise the Standard!

Searching for True Christianity as a Christian?

Article by Sean Tanner, Pastor of Discipleship & Youth, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Taylorsville, Kentucky. So many young believers venture outside of their own church and denominational fellowship (including their teachings) to find “true Christianity.” This usually happens after high school graduation. Why the desire to journey into new lands of Christianity? The reasons are many: they … Continue reading Searching for True Christianity as a Christian?

Rescued from the Copper Mines

The rescue of the Chilean copper miners after spending 69 days a mile and a half under the earth is nothing short of miraculous. It is an amazing story of strength, courage, endurance, and compassion. But did you know... Twenty-two of the thirty-three miners gave their life to Jesus while awaiting rescue? A near-by pastor … Continue reading Rescued from the Copper Mines

Hope in the Last Days – Joel 3:16

So much of what we call hope is temporary. It is fleeting. At most, it lasts in this life only. Paul said (1 Cor. 15:19) that if Christ brings a temporary hope only, we are the most miserable of men on the planet. I would agree. Most people don't wear parachutes because they are comfortable (in fact they are quite uncomfortable), they wear them for security. So many Christians today have ditched their parachute because it didn't bring them happiness on the flight of life. God is not near as interested in pacifying or pleasing us with 'the abundant life' as He is protecting and preparing us for 'eternal life.' Here's what to expect in the last days: Joel 3:16; Malachi 3:16; Revelation 3:16.