3 Things I Learned from Joel Osteen

A wise man once said that he could learn from anyone… did you catch that?  He was wise… because he didn’t let anyone stand in his way of growth.  Not their successes or their failures. Not their preferences, their convictions, their methods, their mannerisms, their eccentricities.  We would be wise to learn from this as … Continue reading 3 Things I Learned from Joel Osteen

MOVIE: Parental Guidance

Joy and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  Enjoyed is an understatement - we laughed our heads off.  But this wasn't the kind of comedy you would feel guilty about later. It was family-friendly for sure.  It's emphasis on marriage and family made it a hit in our home.  Couldn't hurt that it had a hilarious … Continue reading MOVIE: Parental Guidance

Tug of War

Your identity is not what you do, but will help you find what you should do! Who you are is not defined by your role in life, but it will help determine your role in life! Your beliefs [about yourself, about God, about life] affect your behavior. Your identity is who you are when nobody is around, when you are reduced to nothing. Even after you die, your identity will still be intact.

Identity Crisis

Perhaps you're like me and asking the question: "Who am I?" It seems like the younger you are, the more you ask... there's definitely an identity crisis in my generation (Gen X)- and I fear worse among the Millenials and the Internet Generation. We are asking questions that others have never asked before. Questions that have seemed so simple are now so complicated: Am I a man or a woman? Are we the result of random mutation or a grand alien experiment? Why am I here? How can I know? Who cares?

Left Behind

My father was a Christian - an exceptional Christian. He was a saved over 32 years ago and served the Lord ever since. He was ordained as a Deacon to serve in 3 churches and gave sacrificially of his money and time to God and His church. He loved teaching the Word of God (as a Sunday School teacher for 20+ years). But he especially loved witnessing to the lost about the power of the gospel to change a life!

Christian Atheism

Recently, the Pennsylvania Senator who declared 2012 ‘The Year of the Bible’ was sued by Freedom from Religion (Atheist group). Although this is tragic, I'm confronted with the reality that too many Christians live as if God and His Word don't really exist (or at most have relatively little impact in society). Notice how many...