Heaven is for Real!

“If you read history, you will find that the Christians who did the most for this world were those who thought most of the next.” - CS Lewis According to 1 John 3:2-3, the reality of Heaven produces a purifying hope - a motivation to real, spiritual change (sanctification). Jesus told us to pray in faith for His kingdom to come to earth, so we should expect that to happen in us first, then through us (His kingdom is His authority, power, & glory manifested in beauty). First, Christ delivered several revolutionary principles to live by...

The Curse Reversed

"What makes Heaven great is not only what's there, but also what's not there!" In order to fully understand what God has planned (in Eternity), we've got to understand what God had first planned (in Eden). The way it will be - will be the way it way originally intended. Revelation 22:3 is clear: God will reverse the curse and restore creation back to its former glory. There was perfection in every way... Unity in nature between animals and man. Peaceful productivity. Beauty unhidden. Total harmony. But sin shattered that world into a million tiny pieces, and since that moment sin and its curse have caused pain for all of humanity.

All Things New

The current heaven & earth have been tainted by sin, so they must be destroyed (2 Peter 3:10). The current heaven (where God is and where saints are) is NOT our final destination. It is a beautiful garden, it is paradise, but it is not where we will live forever. The future heaven isn't really heaven at all ... it's a city (New Jerusalem), 1,500 mi sq. - that's HUGE! It's the distance from Boston to Miami and from Denver to Charlotte. What's more, it's taller than the orbit of most space-craft! In total, it will have 12 separate levels, which God brings down to a new earth.

Better by Far

It's far better than life, home, friends, health, food, music, love, better than ANYTHING! Better than 1st kiss, a great steak, sex, pampered at spa, wealth, power, sportscar, or even the love of grandkids! The problem is, most people don't really believe that it's 'far better' and worth waiting for! There's a really good reason: Satan LIES about Heaven: it's an unreal place (where spirits sit on clouds and play harps), it's a place for God (and won't feel like home), and so monotonous (forever is a long time to be anywhere!). I must admit that I wanted Heaven to wait for ...