Grace for the Pace

*We receive Vertical Grace –rel. w/ God; We relate Horizontal Grace – rel. w/ people *You’re either a grace giver or a grace killer (do you distribute it or expect it?) - I’m afraid the world isn’t as interest in Christ because of Christians… “soured” - Churched have a “Let me out” attitude – instead … Continue reading Grace for the Pace


Falling from Grace

Listen to Full Audio Message by Pastor Nix Speaking on grace has seemed one sided…when you speak of unconditioned forgiveness and limitless love and boundless acceptance… The scent of sandal anises when you tell sinners that; “No matter what, God loves you and can forgive you.” or that “No amount of effort and works impresses … Continue reading Falling from Grace

Grace, Down Under

Romans 6:14-15 - *Notice the use of the word "under" Proverbs 30:5   *Every word of God has purpose – “God breathed” none of it is filler “Under” whether its:  Under the weather & under the circumstances…we’re always living under something Past: Under the Law – Grace gives a New Motive Romans 3:10-19 Before grace…Unrighteousness, ignorant, … Continue reading Grace, Down Under

Grace, Live & In Person

Today we meet grace…live & in person. Literally the person who is grace.  Not just a person named grace; a gracious person; a person with much grace…but grace Himself. John 1:14-17 the Word, Jesus Christ Why is grace important? What will grace do for you? Help you appreciate God’s gifts to you Motivate you to … Continue reading Grace, Live & In Person

How Sweet the Sound

What is Grace? Common definition- “unmerited, undeserved favor” “that which brings delight & pleasure”  - anything that makes God smile Grace is in an unusual category of N/V words-(both nouns & verbs) Love, Joy, Hope, and Faith – both a ‘thing’ and something you ‘do’ Sweeter than the sound of SIN * Where sin abounded-there … Continue reading How Sweet the Sound

Let God’s Smile Bring Back Yours

Article by Pastor Nix Even though I’ve been a Christian for over twenty years, I’m just now learning about grace.  When I was twelve, I was ‘saved by grace’ – but I’m just now learning what it means to live by grace.  I’m so thankful for this all-too-often misunderstood and abused ‘secret’ of living the … Continue reading Let God’s Smile Bring Back Yours