High, Holy, and Lifted Up

As you read this, please pray for a proper understanding of God's true size and might. Let Isaiah's vision of God (Isa. 6:1-7) un-box your view of God. God is holy. He is sacred, set apart, and unlike all else. Holiness isn't just an attribute of God; it is the essence of who God is. It's impossible to define holiness without God and God without holiness. His holiness has many facets: His ways are pure, His works are powerful, and His words are our promise.

If We Only Knew

He revealed Himself so clearly, she had nowhere to turn. God seeks to show you WHO He is and WHAT He can do. In John 4:10, Jesus nearly says, 'I asked you for water, but if you only knew who I am and what I want to give you, you would have asked me!' She didn't know so Jesus was revealing Himself as the Christ. That's where the element of thirst enters in. Water is the both the most common and most needful quantity on earth, but it is meaningless until you truly feel its lack. Over your lifetime, you will require 1.5 million gallons of it...