Learning the Easy Way

Circumstances may cause us to lose our joy, but people can also bring trials that rob us of joy. How many times do we lose our peace and joy because of what people say or do. The best remedy for these trials is the submissive mind, the humble mind that seeks only to honor Christ. Pride is the cause of much unrest and contention (read James 4), but humility brings peace and joy. We could try to learn this the hard way by experience, or we could choose to learn the easy way’ - from the example of others.

Overcoming Unhappiness

REAL JOY #2 - Study of Philippians 1[b]  --  This lesson includes 2 of the 3 secrets to a Overcoming Unhappiness. View Part 1 here. ** Download the Student Guide HERE. The Furtherance of the Gospel (1:12–26) Notice how Paul describes all the suffering he had been through; he calls these trying events “the things that … Continue reading Overcoming Unhappiness

Overcoming Happiness

Certainly Paul’s circumstances were anything but joyful! He had been arrested illegally, taken to Rome, and was now awaiting trial. How was he able to have such joy in the midst of uncomfortable circumstances? Because happiness is based on our happenings while joy is based in Jesus! He had the “single mind”—his concern was not for Paul, but for Christ and the Gospel.