The ‘S’ Word

Article by Kristin Tanner Over the past month or so I have been reading a book entitled, "What Became of Sin," by Karl Menninger and completing Beth Moore's bible study, "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things." Think God has been trying to tell me something? What became of sin really? The word has basically slipped … Continue reading The ‘S’ Word

Fall in Love

Article by Joy Nix When we take a deep breath of fresh, clean, crisp air, we know Fall is near.  We are able to start back on regular schedules and look forward to the up and coming holidays.  Isn’t it wonderful?! Fall is a magical time for a lot of people.  Some were married in … Continue reading Fall in Love

Your Personal Makeover

Article by Patrick & Joy Nix We have become a makeover-crazed society.  You can’t flip through the channels or walk through the mall or talk with your friends at work without hearing about another woman getting a makeover.  It’s everywhere!  Why are they so popular?  There are several reasons: 1. Make overs are fun.  The … Continue reading Your Personal Makeover