Make Your Face to Shine On Us

Several times in the Old Testament, a peculiar request is made: "God, make your face to shine on us."  It is usually connected with the ideas of God's grace and/or salvation. I've previously shared with you about how I believe that God's face 'shining on us' is akin to God smiling on His creation and … Continue reading Make Your Face to Shine On Us

What does it mean to be made in the Imago Dei?

We have lost our sense of the Imago Dei (the image of God) and of the sanctity of all life. In Washington there's a Congresswoman struggling to succeed because she just sacrificed a bill protecting sea otters in order to focus on a bill that protects fetuses from being grown for stem cell research. She's … Continue reading What does it mean to be made in the Imago Dei?

The Soldier

It was incredibly detailed. Jake could smell, feel…sense the intricacies around him. Until he tried to remember what had happened. There were people around him that seemed familiar but were gone before he could recognize them. He felt steel and tasted bile. He was moving but he wasn't walking. He seemed to know where he … Continue reading The Soldier