What Not to Wear

modestyA lot has changed since God first clothed Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden!  Yet, the purpose of clothes still remains basically the same – to cover the body.  God emphasizes the importance of modesty throughout the Scripture: “women adorn themselves in modest apparel” (1 Timothy 2:9).  God calls Christians to a different standard than the world – one of righteousness, of purity, and of modesty.

Today, our culture flies in the face of God’s desires for modesty.  Most clothes today scream, “I’m cheap.” “For sale!” It can be very difficult to find something that’s in and pretty, but that’s still God-honoring.  Here are a few thoughts to help the ladies in your home be more modest…
RAISE & PRAISE – Am I showing too much belly?  Your stomach should not show when you lift your hands above your head!  If so, it’s time to go change.

I SEE LONDON, I SEE FRANCE –  Does my panty-line show through?  Are my bra-straps showing?  That’s not A-Okay!  Your underwear should be kept under wraps… modesty keeps secrets.

PLUMBERS TEST – Can you see my underwear when I lean over? It’s not cool to show off your whale-tail & your BVD tags.  Wear a tanktop under your shirt that will close the gap.

PALM PILOT – Is the neckline of my shirt too low?  Make sure you can put your palm between the top of your bra & the top of your neckline!  Now’s good time to make sure it’s not too tight.
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One thought on “What Not to Wear

  1. Excellent article!! I gave my ladies group a ‘modesty checklist’ to use while going through their closets.

    Great job!

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